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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QR code?

QR codes are a system for storing information through a matrix of points or two-dimensional barcodes, characterized by having squares in three of its four corners, which are used to detect the position of the reader with respect to the code and thus be able to extract the information it contains correctly. It was created in 1994 by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, with the objective of allowing access to information in an automated, fast, secure and reliable manner.

What are the advantages of QR Boost over other generators?

QR Boost is free, very easy to use, fast, without advertising, and without security problems. In addition, the codes generated by QR Boost never expire and can be used unlimitedly.

What does the option Redundancy in the form mean?

The QR codes have redundancy to ensure a margin of error. Since QR codes were created in an industrial context, they must be able to function even when part of the code is damaged or unreadable. This is achieved through information redundancy. The higher the redundancy of the code, the more redundant information it has (you notice this because the code will have more points) and therefore the better it will work in adverse situations. Ideally, you should select the average level.

How is my privacy guaranteed?

When you request to generate a code, at no time is the information you provide for it stored. In addition, QR Boost has no cookies or advertising that could create them or use them to track you, so by not making external connections or using third party services there is no leakage of information.

Is it free?

Yes, the QR codes you generate in QR Boost are free, never expire, and can be used unlimitedly for both personal and commercial use.

If it's free and there's no advertising, how do you make money?

QR Boost is a personal project of Diego Manuel Béjar as part of his professional portfolio. It is not a business nor does it pretend to be one.

About QR Boost

QR Boost is a free online tool to generate your QR codes. Use it whenever you want to create QR codes to provide quick and easy access to any internet address such as your blog, online store, page to buy your album, book... You can use them in your visit, promotional posters, events...

Almost everyone knows what QR codes are and how to use them, especially since a few years ago almost All mobiles already incorporate the recognition of these codes in the camera itself. All you have to do is focus on the QR code with your camera and it recognizes it and offers you the option to go to that web address.

QR codes generated by QR Boost are free and never expire: they can be used unlimitedly, without depend on any other external tools or services. The QR code contains the encoded web address to the one that has to take directly, without intermediaries.

QR Boost stores absolutely no information about the URL you enter to generate the QR code. It is simply used dynamically to show you the code so you can download it. No record is kept in the database (in fact, there is no database).